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CCBCP Recertification Guidelines

What is Recertification?

 The Business Computing industry is dynamic and is constantly changing and evolving.  A CCBCP certificate holder has demonstrated knowledge at the point of time they took the examination.  In order to stay current in the industry, a certificate holder must be actively engaged in the profession, learn emerging technologies, and continue to enhance their skills throughout their career. 

To assure that certificate holders are maintaining knowledge and skills that are state of the art in the Business Computing field, certificate holders must earn COMMON Education Credits (CECs).

The recertification process begins immediately upon achieving certification. A certificate holder must either:

  1. Retake the CCBCP examination for US $345 (member) or $445 (nonmember) or;
  2. Obtain and report a minimum of 30 CECs and pay a US $200 (member) or $300 (nonmember) recertification fee every four (4) years as long as the certificate holder continues the full-time practice of Business Computing.
  3. Prove that they hold a current third-party technical certification at the time of recertification.

Failure to meet recertification requirements by the recertification deadline results in a loss of the CCBCP credential. To become certified again requires retesting. 


Recertification Deadline

Recertification is required every four years on the anniversary of the date the certificate was originally issued. Original certification dates can be found on CCBCP issued correspondence, certificates, and credentials. For example, if you were originally certified on May 1, 2011, your recertification deadline is May 1, 2015.

Recertification Applications and fees must be postmarked 30 days prior to the certificate holder’s recertification deadline, otherwise they will be assessed a $100 late fee.


Tracking CECs

It is the responsibility of the certificate holder to properly record and document all activities during the four-year certification period that will be used to satisfy the CEC requirement. Incomplete or undocumented activities are not acceptable for reporting purposes.Qualifying CEC activities are divided into seven (7) categories. To maintain a balance in recertification activities, some categories or activities have a maximum number of credits that can be reported in a recertification period. These caps are noted in the descriptions of the categories. The seven categories eligible for CECs are:

  1. Education
  2. Publishing
  3. Presentations
  4. Technical/Professional Service
  5. Self Study
  6. Employment
  7. COMMON Certification Program Contribution


Obtaining Recertification

After receipt and review of the submitted recertification application, certificate holders are notified as to whether or not the submitted package satisfies the recertification requirements. If the recertification application is satisfactory, a certification credential update is issued to the certificate holder. If the application is found to be unacceptable, the entire package is returned to the certificate holder for further processing and resubmission. It is the certificate holder’s responsibility to assure that all reprocessing is completed prior to the recertification deadline. Rejected recertification applications may be appealed to the COMMON Certification Committee.



Certificate holders who fail to satisfy recertification requirements by 90 days following their current certification date are automatically decertified. A Candidate is required to take the CCBCP exam to be recertified OR the certificate holder can appeal such decertification if extenuating circumstances are involved.

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