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The Value of IBM i to Your Business - Today and Beyond

Trevor Perry

February 18, 2016

12:00 pm CST

Free for Members


This session shows you how to present IBM i to your business in order to raise visibility, preserve your investment in the platform, and ensure that business applications are developed using the right tools. Join us and take away information that can be used to educate your own business about the platform, its planned future, how it fits the requirements of your business, and how to leverage IBM i in your business.


Your organization has a strong heritage with IBM i, and the total cost of ownership of IBM i consistently proves to be a better proposition. With IBM i on Power, the future of your business can be more agile, scalable and sound. Come and learn how to sell that proposition to your business executives.




IBM i and Our False Sense of Security

Steve Pitcher, Scotsburn Ice Cream Co.

March 24, 2016

12:00 pm CDT

Free for Members


Do you use a non-encrypted port 23 for Telnet? What about a web application that uses HTTP instead of HTTPS? Are you using old, deprecated ciphers? If so, your IBM i data is at risk.


While IBM i is arguably the most securable operating system in the world, your environment may have some wide open doors that you can't ignore. This session will highlight the importance of encrypting data in transit and show you how to do it easily with minimal interruption to the business.




SQL Performance Overview

Tom McKinley, IBM

April 14, 2016

12:00 pm CDT

Free for Members


Managing the performance of your SQL statements requires different skills and techniques than managing your RPG programs. This session explores how to write more efficient statements and what techniques you can use to increase the performance of your database.

  • Understand the fundamental pieces that make up SQL performance.
  • Understand Open Data path and how to reuse them
  • Learn fundamental coding practices and considerations that can help improve performance of your SQL



COMMON Requirements

Welcome to COMMON’s Requirements Portal, your resource to share and enhance the IBM i and AIX operating systems by submitting feature requests and requirements to IBM. Part of COMMON’s advocacy efforts, this is your opportunity to make the operating system better for the entire community and provide a voice to IBM.

COMMON 2016 Buyer's Guide

The 2016 Buyer's Guide is now available. It's your reference for product and solution providers that serve the IBM Power Systems market.